Tiffany and Dom

Most Sentimental Moment

The moment we turned to walk back down the aisle together was the most amazing moment, we were both incredibly happy and it was just the best feeling.

Favorite part with friends and family

We had so much fun dancing with our family and friends! Our DJ was great and played all our favorites. There was this one great moment with everyone in a circle around the two of us, singing “Friends in Low Places” all together. Our DJ even dedicated a song to us!

Biggest surprise

Pearl Jam is Dom’s all-time favorite band, so I had our DJ play instrumentals of Pearl Jam songs as a surprise to my groom while he was waiting at the altar for the wedding to start. He noticed right away and loved it.

Our traditions

This isn’t a tradition but it’s something I’m really glad I did. My grandmother passed a few years ago and I always imagined having her at my wedding. When I was looking for a song for a mother/daughter dance, I wanted something sentimental and I also wanted to honor my grandmother, so I chose my grandmother and grandfather’s wedding song.

How we personalized it

We wrote our own vows. We wrote them together leading up to the wedding and it just made it that much more special to stand up there and say them to each other.

Our honeymoon

We had the best time in Hawaii! We stayed at Turtle Bay for four nights, kayaked with sea turtles, shopped, got pedicures, and did the Pearl Harbour tour. Then we went to Maui for ten days and stayed at the Ritz. We went to the Drums of the Pacific Luau (the best), went golfing at the incredible Plantation golf course, and shopped in Lahaina. We also did road to Hana which included hiking through a bamboo forest and eating the most delicious coconut milk ice cream at Coconut Glens. It was amazing.

Best part of the planning process

I had so much fun planning but the most memorable was the few days leading up to the wedding when my mom and siblings rented a house near the venue. I brought all the flowers (ordered from flower moxie) and had the time of my life arranging them! We made great memories at that house the night before the wedding too, singing to Billy Joel and playing card games.

What’s next for us

We are getting ready to build a house, so that is what we are excited about now. We are also looking forward to traveling more and visiting Hawaii on an anniversary down the road.

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple


Wedding party









The Timeworn Scarlet collection from Flower Moxie




Our favorite moment

This is just shortly after the ceremony, we finally had a moment to soak everything in.


Our favorite wedding photo


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