Shelbi and Ignacio

Most Sentimental Moment

I believe the most emotional part of our day was our first look. There’s a lot of emotions leading up to a wedding and once we had our first look we knew we could cry, laugh and just be our silly selves. We wanted a first look especially because we wanted that moment to be ours.

Favorite part with friends and family

We just remember looking around and realizing that this was one moment in our lives that our entire friends and family would be all in the same room at the same time. We also had a photo booth at our wedding and we had everyone from each side of the family making friends and exchanging numbers. We have copies of these photos now and we will never forget those special moments.

Biggest surprise

I think the biggest surprise on our wedding day was the weather. We had our first look and couple photos all taken outside with not a single cloud in the sky. Then, moments before our outdoor wedding ceremony, it started to down pour. The entire staff at Old Hickory moved our ceremony from outside into an open reception room without even blinking an eye. It had all been taken care of right before we were about to walk down the aisle. When we were touring our ceremony site we were told that it had never rained there for an outdoor wedding. Afterward, the wedding our coordinator told me, “Well if rain on your wedding day is good luck then I guess that down pour is a good sign.”

How we personalized it

Our last name is Margarida so we thought it would be fun to incorporate that for our drink specials. Our Mrs. drink was a strawberry margarita and our Mr. drink was the lime classic. They tasted amazing and everyone loved them!

Our honeymoon

We are planning our honeymoon for our first anniversary!

Best part of the planning process

We were engaged for over a year and I thought that was such a long time to be engaged. I thought the wedding would never come. Then 6 months before came and I blinked and all of a sudden we were each in our separate rooms getting ready. We also filmed our entire engagement of going to meetings, looking at reception sites, and eating cake. My sister took all the footage and turned It into a short clip at our reception to show everyone. Not only do we now have our wedding day video but we also have an engagement video as well. This really helped us cherish those moments leading up to the big day.

What’s next for us

We had been together for almost 5 years when we had gotten engaged and were already living together. We laughed and said that marriage wouldn’t change anything in our relationship, but it has. I believe we both feel so much more love as if we couldn’t have felt more then we already had before. However it really is true, marriage is a comforting feeling. We know that we will always have each other no matter what. Best of all I got to marry my best friend.

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple


Wedding party



My Dress was from The Ultimate Bride in St Louis MO



My ring is from Shane Co. It is a round center stone with a white gold detailed basket double halo setting. His is handcrafted out of sterling sliver.



Minutes before our outdoor ceremony it started to down pour. Our event coordinator and her staff quickly rushed everything inside for a last-minute indoor ceremony. If you look closely, you can see our arbor flowers still dripping.



A cascading bouquet was a must for me. I also kept the rest of our flowers white and incorporated our purple color in the Picasso calla lilies. These were some of our centerpieces as well as the men’s boutonnieres.



Every one of our friends and family loves to dance. This was important for us to have a very long dance party. We even were able to incorporate dances from our fraternity and sorority days. We chose purple uplighting and had a custom floor monogram. We also had signature cocktails that were a play on our names.


Our favorite moment

Something that was extremely special to me was when my grandmother let me wear her garter. This was from her wedding and I always looked up to my grandparents’ relationship. It also served as my “something blue.”


Our favorite wedding photo


Our Video

Special Thanks To Our Pros