Sarah and David

Most Sentimental Moment

It’s hard to choose just one moment! But if I had to pick, I would say my favorite part was standing out in the rain with my new husband during dinner. Our photographer came to get us while we were eating because it was a beautiful sunset despite the drizzling rain, so we ventured out into it with our umbrellas. Just standing there under the umbrella with my new husband – probably the first moment we had alone since saying ‘I do’ – was simply magical. It was a moment to reflect that we really did it and I wouldn’t want to be standing next to anyone else in the rain besides him. Plus, the photos from those few minutes turned out lovely :)

Favorite part with friends and family

Having all my friends and family in one place was the most meaningful. Because my parents’ sides of the family live far apart, I don’t think they’ve seen each other for any significant amount of time since my parents got married! Plus, combining my friend groups from different stages of my life was so surreal – all these individuals were with me during challenging, rewarding, and maturing periods of my life and simply having them all together was the best part.

Biggest surprise

My husband got me a watercolor of our cat Piper as a gift during the first look! I often joke that she is my first love since I’ve had her longer than I’ve known Dave, so he knows how important she is to me. It’s such a wonderful painting of her that I will cherish forever!

Our traditions

We didn’t have any specific family traditions included in our day, but I did have a locket attached to my bouquet that included photos of my late grandparents on my mother’s side. Even though they couldn’t be there in person, I knew they were there in spirit.

How we personalized it

We included a lot of personal touches! Our guest book was a print of our home states (IL and MI) overlapping; our cake topper was a DIY photo hexagon of us and a little version of our cat; we wrote the entire ceremony with my cousin, the officiant; we wrote our own vows; we included hand fasting in the ceremony to represent my favorite country (Scotland) and our honeymoon destination; our wedding band was the one we ‘discovered’ on a date; we filled the welcome bags with meaningful treats from our lives together; and we had cider & donuts as favors because that’s one of our favorite fall foods we always get when we go apple picking each year.

Our honeymoon

We went to Scotland for nearly 2 weeks – and we saw it all! From romantic castles to whisky tastings to nights on the town, we definitely made the most of our trip. The landscapes there are breathtaking and because Dave is a photographer, I knew we’d be coming back home with some amazing photos to print and hang on our walls. I’ve been obsessed with Scotland since I was little and Dave has never been, so it was fun to watch him experience some of my favorite sights for the first time. It was really hard to leave, but we’re already looking forward to going back – maybe for our 5 year anniversary!

Best part of the planning process

My favorite part of the planning process was personalizing details of our big day and watching Dave enjoy aspects of the planning! He loved the cake and food tastings and we really loved doing an engagement shoot with our wedding photographer. I think that part of the journey was really special because that’s when it hit me that I was really going to spend the rest of my life with this man – and our photographer did a wonderful job capturing our excitement and anticipation!

What’s next for us

Besides enjoying our first Christmas as newlyweds, we’re looking forward to more travel in 2019, including trips to Yosemite and Alaska. We’re also hoping to buy our first home together in the next year or so, which means we’ll be doing lots of research and making decisions about where to call home for the foreseeable future. So more changes ahead!

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple

This was during our first look – I definitely had knots in my stomach, but it was a mix of nerves and excitement!


Wedding party

This was a fun shot! Our photographer (Nicole Haley Photography) told the wedding party to talk among themselves in the background, which made for a fun effect. Also, the sun really came out during these photos, which was perfect!



I absolutely loved my Carol Hannah dress, which was a combination of her Fleur Bustier and Kensington skirt. I felt like a princess yet comfortable and totally ‘me’ during my big day.



Dave and my twin sister picked out my Brilliant Earth engagement ring together – the little aquamarine stones are my favorite part!



Our first kiss as husband and wife!



I was in love with my Red Poppy Floral bouquet – such a gorgeous autumn color palette accented by a silk ribbon in my favorite color.



Zingerman’s Cornman Farms was the perfect venue for us – from spaces in the barn, farmhouse, tent, and grounds, we couldn’t have picked a better place for our big day.


Our favorite moment

Our perfect alone-time moment despite the drizzle!


Our favorite wedding photo

Our happiness is perfectly captured in this shot!


Special Thanks To Our Pros