Renee and Donald

Most Sentimental Moment

Our favorite moment together was standing in front of our family and friends and reciting our vows. The energy was so positive and came from such a loving place. Being able to commit to someone with everyone else around that loves you.

Favorite part with friends and family

Taking photos with the bridal party was our favorite part of celebrating. We both know each other’s friends and family so well that we were able to forget about all the stresses leading up to this point and just relax and have fun. Our pictures show the joy on our faces.

Biggest surprise

Just before the bride was about to walk down the aisle the music went out. It was an outside ceremony and the speak blew just prior to her walking down. This created a special moment when walking down the aisle and was very intimate.

Our traditions

The Bride’s mother made the dress. This was a great bonding time between the mother and daughter and made the day even more special and meaningful. The bride’s mother also made her own wedding dress back in 1983. It is a very special heirloom and has a lot of meaning.

How we personalized it

As a couple we love to go out to brunch. Looking back on some of our best times together the day started with brunch so we decided to serve breakfast for dinner at our reception. It was a huge hit.

Our honeymoon

We went to Thailand for 2 weeks and it was an amazing trip. We started off in Bangkok and got to explore a brand new culture and new temples. We loved the way of life in Thailand and everyone was so accepting and happy. From there we traveled to Chiang Mai. This was my favorite spot. It had an old town feel and we were able to experience the lantern festival. The experience was unbelievable and something we will cherish always. After Chiang Mia we traveled to Koh Yoh Noi, an island off of Phuket where we spent the last week relaxing. I don’t think I have been so relaxed ever!! We had a great time.

Best part of the planning process

The whole process of planning was exciting to me. I am a project manager in trade so I treated like another project and broke it down to every little detail. This made the process achievable and something I looked forward to. My favorite part was searching for the location. This was going to be the place that set the tone for the entire wedding so we were very picky with what we wanted and it needed to reflect us as a couple. Overall, we were very happy with our location choice. It was secluded, laid back and reflected us as a couple.

What’s next for us

We are looking forward to brand new beginnings together. As a couple we will get to share new experiences together like a new car, or a new location to visit. We have always had these new experiences but now we are adding another person to the equation and it makes it that much more exciting.

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple

This photo was taken right after the ceremony. It was the first time we really got to see each other all day and such a sigh a relief took over us and we were just so happy to be married.


Wedding party

Photo was taken after the ceremony. This photo is so special because we are surrounded by family and friends. We could not have asked for a better group of people.



This dress was made by my mom (the other woman in the photo). I had a look I was hoping for and she did a great job and made such an amazing dress. I couldn’t be happier with making the decision to have her make my dress. It just made the day even that much more special.



I had bought the groom custom cuff links with our wedding date and then the quote “worth the squeeze” meaning that the juice was worth the squeeze. It is from one of our favorite movies The Girl Next Door. I also had I do written on my ring finger. The rings were beautiful and so happy with them.



We had our wedding during the fall in Colorado and the colors couldn’t have come out more beautiful. The blue suits against the green, reds and yellow just popped. This is me walking down the aisle and the Groom seeing me for the first time.



These flowers were amazing. I did not want roses and I was going to be using a lot of dahlia’s from a friends garden so I wanted something unique. I was so happy with the bouquet.



The reception was such a fun time. We served breakfast for dinner which was a huge hit, we almost ran out of food. The green chili from the caterer was the best. For desert we had a cake from Whole Foods just to cut and then had a dessert bar. We are not big cake fans so instead I asked all relatives and friends to make a batch of my favorite cookies and desserts. Everyone love the variety. We also stayed up all night dancing. Everyone was just having a great time and you could tell.


Our favorite moment

Favorite moment was finally being married. You can see here in this photo just how happy we were and surrounded by all of our loved ones. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.


Our favorite wedding photo

This photo was taken right after the ceremony. It was the first time we really got to see each other all day and such a sigh a relief took over us and we were just so happy to be married. I love this photo because it has such great movement and I love the background behind us. It is just a great photo and we are so happy in it.


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