Lynn and Dustin

Most Sentimental Moment

It really was hard to pick the best part of the day because we had crafted the event into something so special for both of us. However, our officiant is a dear friend of ours and we opted for a knot-tying ceremony. While he was tying the knot, he said the beautiful sentiments about how one decision landed us there, getting married, around our friends and family. For us, that was really emotional, and we both held back ugly-crying tears. It was one moment, but it was the moment that meant the most.

Favorite part with friends and family

It was the bride’s father’s birthday that day, so getting to sing to him and have him blow out his own candles was extra special. We made sure that the day wasn’t totally about us.

Biggest surprise

We had two “best man” speeches. We had the brother of the groom, the best man, give his speech, which was beautiful. And then we had the groom’s bandmate give another speech. Both speeches made us laugh, and cry. One was filled with a lot more Seinfeld references, though, not like there is anything wrong with that.

How we personalized it

Getting married in a theatre pretty much sets the stage for something personal. We wanted to bring in comic book references, but not have it be over-the-top and cheesy. We ended up with pops of color on a black backdrop. We used red, orange, yellow, green and blue as our pop colors and worked from there. Everything from the napkins and flowers and Hershey kisses matched on the tables as a pop color. We had paper lanterns hung from the scrims of the stage to lower the ceiling and create an effect that really was breath taking. We did a grand reveal for our guests, as we got married on the stage as well, with the curtains closed. Once the curtains came up on the dining area for the night, there was a collective “ooh” and “ahh” and then no one moved for a minute as they were taking pictures of the stage. The girls wore their color in shoes, held flowers of that color and had a matching necklace. The men wore ties of their colors. We wanted to keep everything classy. That is until we realized we could have the Bat-signal at the beginning of the ceremony, which we did, and it was great.

Best part of the planning process

Top of the list was the cake and food tasting. I mean, who can say no to that? But my favorite part was doing crafting with my friends, like the vases, and then doing the flower arrangements with everyone, too. It was a fun time to spend together and it allowed me to have a few moments with everyone that I wanted to spend time with before the big day, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to that day. The planning process allowed me to tap into my creativity and seeing everything come together the day before was a huge payoff for me.

What’s next for us

We are just happy to start our married journey together and are looking forward to many happy years together.

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple

This was right after our first look, during our couple’s session. We were walking back from stopping in the cafe for a glass of water because it was so humid that day.


Wedding party

This was taken during the ceremony and shows our wedding party and the stage. We were actually standing on a stage extension. Behind the curtain was the dining area for the evening.



I didn’t want to spend that much on a dress I was going to wear once. I ended up deciding that my budget was $600 and called around to shops in the area to see what they could do for me. This was a previous season’s dress and I got it for a steal! This was my favorite thing, but I didn’t take into account the layers on the bottom and a humid day! I wore Converse on my feet. Best decision ever.







The flower colors were the pops of color.



We used the paper lanterns to lower the ceiling and create this effect. They were the same colors we use throughout the whole event. Each table was assigned a color, and the napkins, flowers and Hershey Kisses coordinated.


Our favorite moment

I was so excited to see him and to marry him.


Our favorite wedding photo

Our kiss right after our first dance.


Special Thanks To Our Pros