Kristina and Dan

Most Sentimental Moment

I am not one to get emotional, but as soon as I started walking toward him for our first look I lost it. I got caught up in the moment and was so excited to see him all dolled up. Even he started tearing up which is something he never does. I loved that it was just the two of us (and our photographer), and we got to share in this tearful moment together. We twirled me to see my dress and showed off his new suit. We high-fived each other in recognition of our awesomeness which helped us calm down and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Favorite part with friends and family

It was so nice having our friends and family there to celebrate with us. We had people travel from as far as the east coast and it was so special that they took the time to do that for us. I loved taking funny pictures in our Disney themed photo booth. Even my grandparents got involved which just made the day even better.

How we personalized it

We met doing an internship in college at Disneyland. Disney has been a part of our whole relationship and we knew that there had to be some subtle disney elements incorporated in our wedding. We had a Disney cake topper and the pastry chef piped little mickeys all over our cake. We also had a Disney photo booth complete with mickey ears, light sabers, and a life -sized cutout of Minnie. Lastly, I had a mickey sticker on the bottom of my shoe. I didnt want to go full disney for the wedding, but the little elements that we incorporated were very special.

Our honeymoon

Oh yes we did! The honeymoon was his domain. I planned the wedding and he planned most of the honeymoon. This was his Everest and he went all out. We spent 10 days in Portugal and 2 in Spain and it was a very wine heavy trip, after getting married at a Winery (it was a sort of theme). We centered our honeymoon around this amazing hotel in the Duoro Vally in Portugal. We stayed at 5 different hotels during our honeymoon and each one did something to help us celebrate our marriage, from chocolates to wine. We got to wine taste in Evora, visit museums in Madrid, learn how port was made in Porto, and see the replica of the golden gate bridge in Lisbon. We had a fantastic time and he threw in some little surprises for me throughout the trip. Highly recommend Portugal!!

Best part of the planning process

Wedding planning was the most stressful thing ever but there were some fun aspects of it. The hardest part was finding a venue and since we wanted to get married at a winery we had to do some visits. Those visits ended with us wine tasting so that was really fun. I also liked dress shopping because who doesn’t like to shop and play in pretty dresses! It was fun to talk through ideas with close friends and work on DIY projects with family. It was also a good time to bond with his side of the family. It really was a great journey but not something I want to do again, unless it is for a friend.

What’s next for us

We have had an exciting first year, especially moving into our new house together. We are having fun planning our first anniversary trip also, which will be to Greece. Not much has really changed, other than the fact that we now share a bank account and a last name (although I still try to sneak my maiden name in where I can). :) We love being officially married and are excited for what’s to come in the future, mainly with our treasured world travels.

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple

We did a first look so that we could take more photos together before the ceremony. This was soon after that and I was getting anxious that we wouldn’t have enough time for pictures. We were closing in on our ceremony time and our photographer got us in his car and drove us to the front of the winery. We sound this tree and the light was just amazing. I had to rough it a bit in the dirt but the end result was well worth it.


Wedding party

The girls! Combo of family and close friends. I love to take pics and we had gone all over the property for different shots. I went with a bold color for their outfits to stand out and complement with fact that we were at a winery. I wanted each girl to choose a dress that fit their personality and body type and just asked it to be a burgundy/oxblood hue. We had a lot of fun posing for the camera before the ceremony and I am thankful that they were all good sports and helpful throughout the day to calm my nerves!



I had been thinking about my dress for years and I was so excited to go shopping. I did so much research into designers and boutiques in both SF and LA so when the time came for appointments I felt pretty good about what I didn’t want. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew what i didn’t! I found the designer Sarah Seven on Instagram and loved the little details she put into the unique dresses. We went to her boutique in SF where I tried on this dress with beautiful chiffon and a hand draped bodice. I couldn’t make a decision that day so I went back a few weeks later to the LA store where I put it on again and feel in love with it. I made the sleeves detachable so that I wouldn’t be restricted during the dancing portion of the night. Soon after I purchased the dress, the designer discontinued the style and I am one of the last brides to have a hand draped bodice from Sarah herself. I loved frolicking through the vineyards with my flowy dress feeling like a princess.



I really wanted my husband to have the joy of choosing a ring for me himself. Of course, I gave some suggestions to steer him in the direction I wanted, but after I gave him a style, he ran with it. He did so much research into the 4 “C”s of diamonds and designed my ring himself. I had no idea what the band would look like until the day of and I was not disappointed. Both are stunning and he is off the hook for a “right hand ring” for some time. ;) He is not one to wear jewelry so I wanted to find something simple for him. I found this ring on Manly Bands for him after searching through many different materials and styles. Now all I have to do is get it engraved…a year later.



I knew I wanted a family member or friend to be our officiant and that I didn’t want a religious ceremony. My uncle was the first person who came to mind and my husband agreed that he would be perfect. He is someone who watched me grow up and there was nobody better to help us get married. He got ordained for us and created a lovely, and short, ceremony in front of our family and friends. I walked down the aisle to John Legend’s All of Me and had Elton John’s Your Sony play in the background as we went through our vows and ring exchange. I was so nervous to be in front of everyone but I held his hand the whole time and that calmed me. My favorite part was walking back down the aisle as people threw floral confetti over us and our favorite song played in the background.



I like to consider myself somewhat crafty, especially when it comes to flowers. I wanted to arrange the flower arrangements and bouquets myself, partially to save money, and to utilize my creativity. My maid of honor and I did a couple trial runs with the flowers to get the color scheme down and right flower varietals. I really wanted greenery to be heavy with some light color flowers mixed in and a maroon flower to match the bridesmaids dresses. The day before the wedding we went to the SF flower market and grabbed a bunch of flowers and greenery. After the rehearsal dinner my bridesmaids and I each put together our bouquets and arranged some for the centerpieces. It was a fun experience to do that with the group instead of having the flowers just show up on the day. I loved the dahlias mixed in with the eucalyptus and it gave the bouquets an amazing fresh smell. We saved a ton of money, bought local, and enjoyed the time spent together.



Here is a photo of our tablescape at our reception. I really wanted romantic lighting with elements of flowers with a light wine theme. The place cards are on champagne corks and the vases /candle holders are clear wine bottles. i really wanted a long table instead of round tables to bring everyone together. the greenery was beautiful and i loved walking in together as they announced us as a married couple for the first time. family and friends came together to help get this set up and did an amazing job that wowed me. We also went with a dessert bar instead of a cake complete with brownies, lemon tarts, and mini cupcakes. The room was magical and we had so much fun dancing the night away.


Our favorite moment

This pic was taken right after the ceremony and we were still reeling with excitement. So many of the photos were normal smiles and poses and I wanted something fun to help lower my nerves. Since a jumping pic was not in the cards with dress/heels, we just did something wacky and light-hearted. After that, I had a glass of champagne and the night started.


Our favorite wedding photo

My favorite moment was after our ceremony when we went up to the top of the vineyard as the sun was setting. It was just us two with the photographer to share in this quiet moment with this golden hue in the sky. We also got to go into the vineyards and take some pictures which was exactly the vision and reason why I choose to get married at a winery.


Special Thanks To Our Pros

  • Photography: Dominic Wong

  • Ring Designer/Store:Ritani
  • Reception site:Murietta’s Well Winery