Kiyana and Dregan

Most Sentimental Moment

The happiest part of the whole day was finally getting to marry my best friend! We have been together since we were 16 and we had been talking about that day for so many years that it felt like a dream. There’s a quote that I found that stuck with me during that day that says “Today seems like it’s the start of a new journey, but I already belong to you. It feels like we’re finally going home.”

Favorite part with friends and family

Being surrounded by the people that love you the most was truly the most meaningful part of all it. We moved together from our hometown in Indiana to Oregon 7 years ago and being that far away from them can be difficult sometimes. When we were deciding on where to have our wedding, we knew that having it in Indiana would be the perfect way to spend our day. We had several friends & family come from all over including: California, Florida, Nevada, & Oregon which made it so special!

Biggest surprise

The best surprise I got was right before Dregan & I did our first look, he had the sweetest letter I’ve ever read, along with diamond earrings delivered to me!

Our traditions

We had a unity candle that our fathers lit that symbolized the joining of our families, the merging of two individuals, and the creation of a blended family.

How we personalized it

We decided that it would be fun to have a photobooth at our wedding! It had personalized photostrips with our names & wedding date on it that our guests could have fun with and take home as a keepsake! We also had stadium cups made with our names on it that our guest could use for their beverage & take home as well!

Our honeymoon

Yes! We took 3 weeks off for the wedding/honeymoon! We left Oregon & drove all the way to Indiana before the wedding. After the wedding, we drove all over the western states and stopped at so many different places. We ended up going over 7,000 miles & through 16 states by the end of the trip. We didn’t necessarily have an agenda which was the best part about it! We went wherever our hearts desired and had the best time! The Arch in St. Louis, the River Walk in San Antonio, & the Rocky Mountains in Colorado were a few of our favorite spots along the way.

Best part of the planning process

I loved the whole planning process! I thought it would be a little difficult because we were planning it from 2,000 miles away & hadn’t even seen the venue until the week of, but it all went really smooth! We did not have a wedding planner, but our families and friends, along with all of the vendors were so great to work with that it felt so organized.

What’s next for us

This year we are planning to travel a lot more and just spend time together. We bought a house right before we got married so we’ll be working on a few projects together! We excited for what the future holds!

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple


Wedding party







The fall colors were in full bloom for us that day!



I was obsessed with our bouquets that Stephanie put together! What made it even more special was the handkerchief that my Great-Grandma gave to me on the night before our wedding as my “something old” that I tied on to my bouquet. It means so much to me because it was the handkerchief that my Great-Grandpa sent to my Great-Grandma while he was in the service in Yokohama, Japan in 1946. I’m still overjoyed that they gave it me and it’s something that I will always cherish and will be able to pass down to our children someday. The blue angel was my “something blue” that my MIL gave to me. These sentimental items made my bouquet feel so much more important than just having the flowers!



One of my favorite parts of the night was our Father-Daughter dance! He even threw some twirls in there!


Our favorite moment

Walking down the aisle was my favorite memory. I’ll never forget how at exactly the time that we walked – the clouds parted and the sun started shining down on us right in that moment (and I’m not exaggerating!) The way that my dad calmed me down before going, the way Dregan was looking at me, how I felt, & the song that was playing will forever be the best moment of my life!


Our favorite wedding photo

It’s so hard to choose just 1!! I don’t remember what was said during this picture, but I remember how happy we both felt in that moment and I love it!


Special Thanks To Our Pros