Emilee and Cole

Most Sentimental Moment

The most emotional part of the day was when we had our “first touch”. We decided not to see each other until the wedding ceremony. So we opted for a “first touch” where we stood on either side of a door (the venue had beautiful doors), we held hands, and we read our personal vows/letters to each other. It was such a sweet and special moment for us. I know it is something we will always remember.

Favorite part with friends and family

Our favorite part of celebrating with our friends and family was that we got to spend time with everyone, whether on the dance floor or talking and catching up with everyone. We had so much fun getting to see everyone! Also, it was really fun to celebrate with our closest friends at the after party.

Biggest surprise

At the end of the night, when we were trying to get everyone out of the reception hall and outside for the exit, we played “Closing Time” because there is a bar in Stillwater, Oklahoma (most all of our friends went to Oklahoma State University), where they play that song to get everyone out of the bar. We thought everyone would think it was funny, but they all boo-ed and just wanted to continue partying (haha)!

How we personalized it

We personalized our day by having Pistol Pete make an appearance. Pistol Pete is the mascot for Oklahoma State University (OSU), and Cole and most of our friends graduated from there. Everyone thought it was so much fun!

Our honeymoon

We took a honeymoon in Mexico. We stayed at El Dorado Casitas and Moroma, which was south of Cancun. We did lots of excursions and had a lot of fun! We actually only took one day to relax on the beach and by the pool. The employees were so helpful and they do everything for you, they don’t want you to lift a finger. The most fun thing we did was an excursion to see several cenotes, which are underground caves filled with water. it was so different and a lot of fun! I wish we had taken a waterproof camera, because we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves.

Best part of the planning process

Our favorite part of the wedding planning process was all of the DIY stuff we did to make the day unique.

What’s next for us

In our new life together, we are most looking forward to buying a new house together soon, Cole getting his masters degree, and Emilee taking the CPA exam.

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple

This photo was taken during our portraits immediately after the ceremony. We were both so happy and relieved to finally be married and we were so excited to celebrate and have fun with family and friends. Emilee had been feeling pretty stressed and nervous about the wedding ceremony, so she was relieved that it was over and now she could breath and relax and have fun.


Wedding party

This photo was taken before the ceremony. Cole and I had decided to not see each other before the wedding ceremony. I had shown a similar photograph to my photographers at the very beginning of our discussions, but I had not planned on doing any group photos before hand. The bridesmaids and I were outside taking photos, and the photographer grabbed Cole and the groomsmen. They put a tie over his eyes like a blindfold and led him out to where we were standing. When I caught a glimpse of him, I started to tear up. When he was standing behind me and we were holding hands, I could barely keep it together. I was so excited to see him and couldn’t wait to marry the love of my life and my best friend. Cole says he was excited during this picture, he couldn’t wait to see me. The groom and groomsmen tuxes were Vera Wang by Men’s Wearhouse. The bridesmaid dresses were from Azazie.



My dress was absolutely beautiful! I went to several bridal salons before I found the one. I bought my dress at Bridal Elegance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a Justin Alexander. We customized the dress in the salon, to make it completely mine. We added some gorgeous lace to elongate the train. We added some off the shoulder sleeves and a belt to match the lace on the train. I used A Fitting Image by Beth in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the alterations of the dress. Also, the cathedral veil is a dream! This dress was everything I had hoped for in my wedding dress. I loved my dress and was so excited to take this picture on the stairs and also in front of the doors of the venue.



I knew my engagement ring was the ring I wanted, the first time I tried it on. It was the very first ring I tried on! We shopped at B.C. Clark Jeweler’s in Oklahoma City. The ring I chose was a Simon G. It is white gold with small diamonds on the band. It is absolutely beautiful and just what I wanted! I also got the matching wedding band. Cole’s ring also came from B.C. Clark, it is a palladium band.



Our ceremony was the ceremony I didn’t know that I wanted. We had originally planned to have the ceremony outside by the lake that the venue is one. But it had rained all day and rained the morning of, so we were unable to have the wedding outside. But my wedding planner went to work and got the draping for the back wall and lots of candles around the steps to the stage and on the stage. It had such a romantic feeling and very warm and cozy. It was so beautiful with the other tulle draping, lights, and chandeliers! During our ceremony we said our vows, and we exchanged rings. We had a unity ceremony where we braided a rope that represented how we can be stronger together with Christ in our marriage and then we prayed together. One of my cousins officiated the wedding, and two of my cousins performed the music during our unity ceremony. It was so beautiful and amazing!



For the flowers for our wedding, we did a mix of different white flowers and greenery. We had bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and table centerpieces.



Our wedding reception was so much fun, but it was definitely not long enough! Our meal was Italian food catered from Oliveto Bistro in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was so good, we had to take some leftovers home to eat before the after party! We rented our linens from AbCo Party Rentals in Tulsa. Both of our cakes were from Ms. Laura’s Cakes. We had a very classic wedding cake with black ribbons around each tier. The groom’s cake was a cookie cake with a piped image of Pistol Pete on it, the mascot from Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater. Pistol Pete actually made an appearance at our wedding and it was so fun! A lot of our friends and family are OSU alum, so everyone was so excited to see him and get their picture taken. Our DJ was LionsRoad DJ’s, we had so much fun dancing all night long! Our friends never left the dance floor! For our bartending services, we used Catering By Orr, we served wine and beer, and had a champagne toast. Our best man, matron of honor, and the father of the bride gave some very sweet speeches. We had an anniversary dance and celebrated the anniversary of Cole’s grandparents, as it was the same date as our wedding! At the end of the night, we played “Closing Time”, like one of the bars in Stillwater did, we thought everyone would think it was funny and would head outside for the exit. But instead, everyone boo-ed because they wanted to keep partying! We had our last dance as everyone was preparing for the exit. Cole’s fraternity brothers sang the Sigma Chi Sweetheart song before we left, as is their tradition at weddings. For our grand exit, all of the guests blew bubbles as we got into the getaway car.


Our favorite moment

Emilee’s favorite moment was when we read our personal vows/letters to each other before the ceremony during our first touch. It was so sweet to hear those words from him about our relationship and future together. We were both so emotional during the vows. It was such a special moment that I will never forget and will always cherish. Cole’s favorite moment was our first dance together. We danced to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Haley Reinhart and it was so fun to dance together and enjoy that precious moment while dancing.


Our favorite wedding photo

This photo encapsulates the whole day. It shows the beauty of the venue. It displays the gorgeous doors where we had our special moment of sharing our personal vows. It is a great view of the wedding dress, the train and the veil. It shows the love and passion between Cole and I.


Our Video

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