Danae and Chad

Most Sentimental Moment

The most emotional part of the day was walking down the aisle with my father. I was totally fine during the processional of everyone, but once my ‘walking down the aisle’ music started, the tears started coming!

The happiest part of the day was the first look as well as reading our personally written vows in front of friends and family during our ceremony.

Favorite part with friends and family

Our favorite part of celebrating was definitely the dance party during the reception. The music was great and everyone was on the dance floor!

Biggest surprise

Nothing really happened that was a surprise, but when my sister and brother gave their speeches, I was surprised at how funny and touching they were!

Our traditions

No family or cultural traditions, but we including our family in the parts of our wedding, like reading of the bible verse, speeches and even the performing of the ceremony.

How we personalized it

We had personalized centerpieces – which were wine bottles with custom labels that had our picture on them as well as table numbers. We had our hashtag signs in places and the bride hand made all of the place cards.

Our honeymoon

We went to Las Vegas about 3 weeks after our wedding for business and pleasure. We are doing little mini moons throughout our first year of marriage. We are then going to Antigua just prior of our 1 year anniversary!!!

Best part of the planning process

We loved the wine, dinner and dessert tastings!! Yet i just love planning, creating and designing, so I loved having a hand in every detail about my wedding.

What’s next for us

We are going to enjoy spending the rest of our lives together. My husband and I have an online business that we are growing with the goal to have control of time and money and retire from our jobs young, so we can spend the rest of our lives traveling around the world!

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple

This photo was taken after we did our first look. We went around the grounds of the winery and took pictures. It was truly the most perfect day – 70 degrees, sunny and no clouds in the sky!!


Wedding party

This photo was taken during our bridal party photos. We decided to have a small bridal party of just people close to us. My maid of honor was my younger sister and my bridesmaid was my best friend since 6th grade. My husband had his eldest nephew as his best man and my younger brother as his groomsmen. It was awesome!!



Most incredible dress. I was so ready to wear it and wasn’t ready to take it off!



My ring is a ring of diamonds. My husband actually designed his wedding band and we were connected with a local jeweler who was able to put it into play!!



Lots of laughter and love!



I was connected to our florist through a friend. I didn’t care to have a lot of flowers at my wedding, but for the flowers we did need, we got a great deal and they looked incredible!



A night full of dancing until the very end!


Our favorite moment

We did the wedding show game during our reception and it got a lot of laughs, both with each other and with our guests!


Our favorite wedding photo

After I did my makeup and hair trial, I did a boudoir shoot. I put the pictures together in a book and gave it to my fiance prior to the first look. I loved seeing the photos of his reaction to the book, because it is something that was a little our of my comfort zone and I was actually able to keep a secret for like 4 months!!


Our Video

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