Antonia and Angelo

Most Sentimental Moment

Our first look was definitely the most emotional part of our day. We had worked to hard to plan our first look at the bridge at the arboretum in Morristown. It was a very consistent drizzle and I was extremely nervous about not being able to make our vision come to life. The main reason this was able to happen was because of our photographers, as well as my sister/matron of honor and my friend/bridesmaid Brittney, for helping me be able to walk to the mud and puddle-filled bridge. I had knots in my stomach leading up to that moment and I remember finally dropping my dress to the floor and taking my first step onto the bridge where my soon-to-be husband was waiting. I could not wait to finally see Angelo and to see his reaction to the dress I choose, to all the details I hid from him for several months! I feel as if the rain made this moment even more emotional and dramatic. In my eyes it was my favorite moment!

Favorite part with friends and family

It was definitely the dancing! All I said during the final planning part was how excited I was to dance and enjoy the night with everyone! While we were planning the wedding we really tried to keep our guests in mind. We tried to have as many small details showcased to help them enjoy our big day as much as we did!

Biggest surprise

The day of our wedding, the weather was not on our side. It had started drizzling throughout the night and it did not let up. We had purchased as many clear umbrellas as we could find just as a backup to ease my fears. The weather forecast had changed a million times, but when I woke up there it was. I knew there was nothing I could do to control the rain, and everyone has their cute superstitions that it will bring you good luck. However, I like to think that the rain was Angelo’s mother’s way of her being able to touch us. I looked at it as her tears of happiness from up in heaven.

Our traditions

When we were planning our ceremony, we wanted to keep it as traditional as it could be without being in an actual church, but also make it personal to us. We had asked my cousin Richard to do a reading, however we threw him a curve ball. We asked him to not only do a reading during our ceremony, but to do it in Italian. Angelo and I both come from very large Italian families and we wanted to showcase our culture. We also had some family and friends from Italy and Spain that joined us in the celebration, so we wanted to add a little character to our ceremony so they would be able to understand part of what was going on. We also had our DJ speak in Italian at certain points during the evening as well as played some traditional Italian songs so our dearest family members could join in on the fun!

How we personalized it

This was where Angelo and I took things up a notch. The first statement we made was with our invitations. This is actually pretty funny: I went with my mother and designed an invitation, and a few days later I took Angelo to see what I had created and he absolutely hated it. So we threw that idea out the window and created one together. Angelo really got involved in this process and choose the fonts and the style and worked many hours on making sure every detail was to perfection! From there that set the tone of our style for the wedding. I had so many meetings with our florist where we brainstormed ideas of how to make a statement. We have a very farmhouse style, so we wanted that to be showcased, however we wanted to take it up a notch and make it a little more classy but not sooo traditional. I like to think we nailed showcasing ourselves in our wedding style. We did not want to do a typical wedding monogram from the DJ so we had him spotlight, “And they lived happily ever after…” on one of the white beams above the dance floor. We also made coasters that we left out at the bar that had our after party details on them, and we made custom donut bags for the donut board that Angelo handcrafted! We even created our signature drinks after our pets: Bella’s Bourbon Mule and Harvey’s Cattail. We had pictures scattered throughout our venue from the years we have celebrated together and Angelo’s cousin helped us bring to life our welcome mirror that she handcrafted! We had also made up s’mores bags that we had wanted to use for the s’mores station that was supposed to be outside, however the rain ruined that one.

Our honeymoon

We took a mini moon. Two days after the wedding we went to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. We have been to Nantucket before and absolutely love it there! So we decided to go back as well as explore Martha’s Vineyard. The weather was beautiful and we just had fun exploring both islands without a care in the world!

Best part of the planning process

I really enjoyed planning the look and all the details of the wedding. It was a love/hate relationship, however I remember sitting at our sweetheart table looking at the room thinking to myself that everything turned out beautiful and exactly how I had imagined it in my head. The other part I loved was picking out my wedding dress. I love, love, loved this part. I drove my mother and sister crazy, but I loved everything about trying on dresses! I wanted a traditional ball gown, and my motto was “when in the world am I ever going to be able to wear such a fun dress again, so go big or go home!” I loved picking out all the accessories, from my belt, to my hairpiece to my jewelry. The whole process made me feel like royalty and I loved every second of it!

What’s next for us

We are now working on planning our honeymoon. I wanted to wait a few months after being married to extend the marital bliss! We want to go somewhere nice and warm and remote! So cheers to the next big adventure!

Our Wedding Album

The happy couple

This was taken during our photo session as Fairleigh Dickinson in the back of the Mansion. You can see the puddles of water in the background.


Wedding party

This was as the mansion at Fairleigh Dickinson



The train on my dress was cathedral length and my veil had crystal details around the bottom, I also had a bow in the back of my dress and the front had a crystal belt.



This was a shot of our rings with my shoes, wedding invitation, part of my headpiece and the Italian horns.



We had just finished sealing the deal and could not have been happier! Our ceremony was pushed inside due to the rain, but The Park Savoy and our florist arranged everything beautifully.





This was our sweetheart table decor


Our favorite moment

This was our long awaited first look on the bridge at the arboretum.


Our favorite wedding photo

This picture just reminds me of an old classic picture from the grandmothers era. Our photographer also shot with film cameras, and this picture reminds me of those old film pictures with the rough edges.


Special Thanks To Our Pros